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The Armenian Republic is located in Transcaucasia (South Caucasus), bordered by Georgia on the north, Azerbaijan on the east, Iran on the south, and Turkey on the west. Yerevan is the capital city. Armenia is a mountainous country occupying about 29,800 sq km (about 11,500 sq miles) of the north eastern portion of the Armenian Highland. The average elevation is about 1,800 m (about 5,900 ft) above sea level. Mount Aragats is the highest point 4,090 m (13,419 ft). The Republic contains several mountain lakes, the largest is Lake Sevan, located in the north east about 1,900 m (6,200 ft) above sea level. The Armenian climate is dominantly dry and continental, with long, hot summers and moderate winter.


The population of Armenia is about 3,200,000. More than 90 percent of the population are Ethnic Armenians. The official state language is Armenian. In the early 4th century at 301 AD Armenia was the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a State Religion. Family and friends are the center of social life, and respect for elders links generation
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